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Bugs and Drugs - Part TwoFeaturing: Alex, Joe, Josh, LucAdded 07/02/2018
Avg Rating Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4
Alex Colton has just bought an old VW bug to restore and parks it in his fathers garage. While out getting some parts, his brother Joe and his two friends show up to check out the bug. They soon discover an old joint hidden in the glovebox! The three boys decide to light up and enjoy the joint since Joe's parents are out of town. They had no idea that Alex would be right back home and catch them in the middle of their toke. Alex gives his brother a choice...face his wrath, or their dads. Joe's friends can also choose to have Alex call their parents, or get the same punishment that he gives to Joe. Both of them agree that they would rather be punished by Alex then have their parents get involved. Alex teaches them a lesson with his belt right in the garage before taking them inside to his workout room where he dishes out some even more severe punishment with his hand, a strop, and a hairbrush. This scene was a 2006 GayVN Nominee for Best Specialty Film of the Year. Part Two.

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Pledge Files: 56Featuring: Cash, Luc, TommyAdded 06/22/2018
Avg Rating Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4
Cash and Tommy are both new pledges in the Sigma Phi Tau fraternity, and members of the pledge class basketball team. After a humiliating loss to another fraternity by 56 points, the two boys head over to the house to face the music. Once there, they are confronted by an angry Luc Walker, who forces the boys to shed their team jackets then head downstairs to learn some team discipline...with a twist. Tommy and Cash are suprised to see that Luc has set up a video recorder, and plans to tape their entire session to show to the rest of the brothers later that night at a party. The two boys resist, then finally realize they have no choice. They are forced to paddle each other, once for every point...plus suffer some additional humiliations. They are told that the brothers will then watch the video and vote on who "got it easy", and that boy will get additional punishment from the house. (Part Two of Two.) Contains ALL THREE alternate endings!

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Luke Gets the PaddleFeaturing: LukeAdded 06/08/2018
Avg Rating Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4 Average Rating: 4
Hipster Frat-boy Luke is given a discipline session with a paddle.

7 Photos  and  6 minute(s), 22 second(s) of video

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